The World’s Strongest Water Bug- The Mantis Shrimp

Mantis is a content-marketing platform for agencies and brands. It helps marketers generate the right content by enabling them to search for text-based or visual assets, quickly create a brand voice or a custom tone, and then produce the copy in either English or Spanish.

Users can manipulate the tone of their content by adjusting parameters such as sentiment, voice, and tone. This enables marketers to speak to their audience with empathy and authenticity. Mantis’ intelligent algorithms produce natural sounding sentences that are free from cliches and redundant phrases that plague other writing tools.

Mantis is a chatbot by Facebook. The chatbot is able to work on its own and find information through the use of artificial intelligence, without any human interaction.

The company says that Mantis can be used for providing answers to customer questions, connecting with customers and businesses, and for scheduling appointments with businesses.

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